Al-Ahly decides the fate of the position of Turki Al-Sheikh


The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club of Egypt issued a statement after the end of its meeting, which was held today, Tuesday, in the manner of video conferencing.
The text of the statement came as follows: “Based on the appreciation of the Al-Ahly Club for the members and fans of the club, and in light of the recent developments on the sports field, the Council finds it obligatory to put before the public opinion a number of facts before announcing what has been decided upon.”He added: “The Board of Directors has committed to the highest levels of restraint, and has raised considerably from the response, and it receives many false and scattered accusations about the relationship of Turki Al-Sheikh, which has often deviated from the correct framework, on the part of the Sheikh himself, whether by direct statement at times, or By hinting at other times in an unprecedented manner, this commitment came to the full conviction of the Council in turn to contribute to strengthening historical relations with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in appreciation of the institutions of the concerned state that have supported and blessed this cooperation from its inception, in the framework of sports investment and the distinguished relationship with the brothers.

The following are the decisions of the Egyptian Club Board of Directors:
1- Canceling the previous board decision and removing Mr. Turki Al Sheikh from the honorary list of honorary heads of the club.
2- Addressing the Minister of Youth and Sports with a request to obtain his approval to return all the gifts offered by Al Sheikh in kind and financial donations entered the treasury of the club, after these donations and gifts, in their financial and in kind value, became property of the club and it is not permissible to dispose of them except with the approval of the competent authority.
3- The Council was briefed on the written apology submitted by Mr. Mohamed Serag El Din, a member of the Board of Directors, for what he had previously passed in violation of and violation of the Board’s decision to prevent members of the Board and workers in the executive management and technical and administrative organs from taking up club news and files related to his affairs on social media And after discussion, and he refused Mr. Mohamed Serag El Din’s departure from the club’s traditions, the council decided to accept an apology from his sovereignty in view of his issuance within the club’s family, with blame and warning him not to repeat such matter in the future.
4- Adopting what was stated in the ball planning committee’s note to cancel its previous recommendations by granting several exceptions to player Hossam Ashour, who notified the director of the ball device in writing of his retirement and thanked him for the periods he spent with his colleagues in the service of the club, and wishes him all the best in his next steps.
5- Adopting the recommendation of the Legal Committee to take the following measures to preserve the club’s intellectual property rights and to deter anyone who entrusts himself to infringe on them.


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