Aker surprise: The government adopts the “Caesar” law?


President Hassan Diab places all his predecessors in his small “pocket”. His hands are stretched out to print on all dictates of the international book of conditions. Examples abundant. The case was discussed by the agent Amer Al-Fakhouri and his smuggling from Lebanon, in cooperation with the Diab government, which US President Donald Trump personally thanked for that, without leaving a single comment on his thanks. Whatever the government’s role in the Al-Fakhouri case, there is no longer any room to suspect that Washington has its “pressure group” within the cabinet. And this group, which is currently working on sewing economic-financial plans according to the required international specifications, is no longer “involved” in the confines of a customer file or “reform” plans. This group decided to fold the principle of self-distancing, and to replace it generously with the Americans to the extent that they want to lead Lebanon to their side in their siege of Syria, in compliance with their orders and adopt the “Caesar” Law on severe penalties for Syria!Last Friday, at the cabinet meeting, a “strange” item was placed on the government table outside the agenda. A set of papers distributed by Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister Zeina Aker to her colleagues, includes an Arabic translation of the text of the US “Caesar Law”, asking them to “see it”, because “the government should discuss it at a later time.” “In my talks with the American ambassador, she told me that they are serious about implementing the law, and everyone who deals with Syria will be subject to sanctions,” Aker said. I would like you to read the law because some Lebanese ministries deal with their Syrian counterparts. We are in negotiations with the IMF, and we must be careful not to face sanctions that negatively affect the negotiations. ” Before the session, Aker spoke to her colleague, the Minister of Industry, Imad Habibullah, about the matter, asking: “What should we do? The Americans started feeling the pulse. ” This conversation was also preceded by a discussion between Aker and the prime minister, who in turn related to the “orders”, so he decided that the law should be a material for deliberation between ministers to take a joint decision, especially since Lebanon has a balanced share of this law. According to what “Al-Akhbar” learned, Diab and Aker agreed that the ministers would launch the law to study it. Thus, an American law turns into an official paper of the Lebanese state, which is discussed by the Council of Ministers, not for the sake of taking a political position on it, but rather as a legal article as if the Lebanese parliament had issued it. Here it is necessary to ask more than one question:
Have an official correspondent arrived from Lebanon to Lebanon or the American administration requesting the Lebanese government to implement the law? Or have some of those in the government decided to respond to the successive calls to open up to Syria, Lebanon’s economic lung, by lifting the sanctions card and kneeling down the country?
From within the government, more than one ministerial source transmits his astonishment to a turbid step in form, without entering into intentions. More surprisingly, this law, which means not only to besiege Syria, but to besiege Lebanon as well, is ignored by most ministers! Note that talking about him dates back to months, and on his board is an assertion of “targeting any official, political, partisan and businessmen with commercial ties to the Syrian regime.” Although the text did not mention Lebanon literally, but the Lebanese Nizar Zakka (who was arrested in Iran), who is a member of the “Caesar” team, said days ago to “Al Arabiya.net” that “4 batches of sanctions within the law start with consideration From mid-July and will continue until the end of next August, and it includes the names of officials and private companies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Russia. ”The law clearly stipulates that“ every company, entity, or even individuals from the Syrian interior or from any foreign country is subject to sanctions if they enter into Trade relations with the system or provide military, financial, and technical support.

The government tends to fold the principle of self-distancing and replace it with American consent

The political movement towards converting the law of the siege on Syria to a “government decree” did not start with the step of the Minister of Defense, but rather by moving the file of smuggling and controlling the borders, whose frameworks were expanded by the team that revolves in the orbit of the anti-resistance axis to the extent of calling for the implementation of Resolution 1701 on the border with Syria under the pretext “Getting rid of the gutters of corruption,” knowing that it is intended to apply the screws on Syria and participate in starving the Syrian people, as high-ranking political sources in the March 8 team say. The sources add that the Akkar-Diab move raises surprising some of the political forces involved in the government. So far, “there is no final decision on how to confront this matter from within the government, pending the discovery of what is meant by it.” The March 8 team prefers to deal with it, in good faith, as a matter of warning and taking note, especially since many institutions and a number of ministries have an open line and dealings with Syria. As for «if it turns out that the government is going in the direction of adopting the law and applying it and obligating the Lebanese state to it, then there will be other words and a higher tone, especially since this law is not the first of its kind, and no Lebanese government has previously gone to adhere to such laws.” The sign remains among all this that Diab decided to discuss the matter “by creating a committee of specialists to determine the effects of this law on Lebanon.”
In any case, it appears that the United States decided to act on all fronts, simultaneously, against the resistance. In addition to what happened inside the government, the voices on the ground began to rise in the same context. This is what happened in the last demonstration in front of the Palace of Justice in Beirut under the title “No of the state within the state and no illegal weapon”, and there were invitations to the United Nations to work to implement resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701 regarding the disarmament of the “militias” and the demarcation of the borders with Syria under Chapter Seventh, with the affirmation of “rejecting the Iranian occupation and the presence of a rifle outside the Lebanese army, leaving the decision to war and peace in the hands of a group affiliated with an Iranian agenda.” Was the password in the speech of Assistant US Secretary of State David Schenker, in his interview with France 24 TV, when he said a few days ago that we “are waiting to see the extent of the government’s commitment to reforms and their implementation already, then we see our position on supporting Lebanon regarding its file in International Monetary Fund”? Does Schenker mean by reforms implementing international resolutions and US laws? The prime minister and his deputy are required to answer.


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