After being imprisoned for 28 years, he appeared innocent and survived the execution


Nearly 28 years after he confessed to the murder of a child, a judge in the US state of Pennsylvania exonerated the man who had been charged “unjustly” in the case and sentenced to death.

The judge issued a verdict for the release of American Walter Ogrod in the case of the killing of the child Babra John Horn, who was four years old when she was killed in 1988.

In a “moment full of happiness and hope,” according to the description of his lawyer, his relatives Ogrod celebrated him in front of the SCI Phoenix Project prison in Montgomery County.

The man was awaiting the death sentence, but he survived and found “the opportunity to start a better life,” said his lawyer, James Rollins.

District Attorney Larry Krasner said he was accused in the case of “a mistake” and described “delaying justice” as “bad.”

The details of the case go back to 1988, when the girl was found dead in a carton after she disappeared from her family’s home in Philadelphia.

About four years after her death, investigators accused Ogrod, who was her neighbor, and confessed to killing her, but later withdrew his confession, and five witnesses said they saw a man placing the aforementioned box but did not resemble the accused, according to a NBC report.

Prosecutors said in the case that he had hit her with an iron piece on her head, but it was later discovered that she died from suffocation, not from beating.

The defendant’s lawyer said last January that a DNA sample of a person found at the crime scene did not match him.

The death of the child and the “mistakes” in the case received great media attention and many articles, blogs and representations were written about her.

Lawyer of the released defendant James Rollins said that “the innocent man and his family lost 30 years they should have spent together”, and described his release as a moment “full of happiness and hope, not only for Ogrod but also for other innocent unjustly condemned individuals.”

It is also noteworthy that Sharon Fahi, the mother of the child victim, stood beside the innocent accused, and asked the court to release him after it was found that he had Covid-19 disease.

She wrote to the court last month that her daughter “will not return to her home again” and that she does not want a “innocent” person to remain in prison, but she asked the authorities to search for the real accused and start an investigation again into the case.

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