Abu Dhabi Police warns against approaching the flame after hand sanitizing – local – other


Abu Dhabi Police warned individuals not to use a “lighter” of cigarettes or approach a fire, either in the kitchens of homes or restaurants, immediately after using the hand sanitizer, as it is a flammable material, which may endanger the safety of individuals.

She called on community members to be careful when using hand sanitizers and not to leave them for long periods in vehicles, especially with high temperatures during the summer.

The police appealed to the people to take their role in educating the children and the household category about preventive measures to protect themselves from the danger of sterilizers, because they contain high levels of flammable materials.

She pointed out that most sterilizers contain alcohol, which helps reduce the risk of infection of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and sterilizers usually contain a different concentration of alcohol from one sterilizer to another.

She warned of the dangers of approaching a fire in a kitchen after using a hand sanitizer, and being careful to comply with the requirements of fire protection.




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