Abeer Musa pledges to open the case for the transfer of the young Brotherhood to join ISIS



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Abeer Moussa, president of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia, vowed, on Wednesday, to open the file for the youth Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement to join the ISIS terrorist organization in Syria.

In her speech at the accountability meeting of Brotherhood leader Rashid Ghannouchi, who heads the parliament at the same time, Moussa added, “The travel of the youth was carried out under the auspices of the Libyan terrorist Abdel Hakim Belhadj.”

The head of the Free Constitutional Party revealed that “the Ennahda movement wants to strike the Tunisian identity by introducing the Turkish language in educational curricula, and it is what has mortgaged the Tunisian economy to Turkey, which has caused a high rate of trade deficit.”

She added, “The Ghannouchi scandal is that he deals with Turkey and terrorism, and is trying to pass Turkish and national agreements that violate national sovereignty.”

She said, “The Tunisian brothers have failed to rule the country and are spreading false news about a coup against President Qais Saeed, and this laughed at the chins.”

Moussa denied having any foreign lineup, in contrast to the Brotherhood, “which has contributed to sabotaging Syria and the travel of young men and women to the ISIS terrorist organization.”

She added that “the leader of the Ennahda movement, Mr. al-Ferjani and Nour al-Din al-Behairi, are involved in the issue of handing the Libyan prime minister under Qaddafi to the terrorists.”

She stressed that “Qatar and Turkey are involved in Libya with the introduction of arms and the spread of terrorism.”

She noted that its list of accountability for Ghannouchi is a Tunisian list stemming from the will of the Tunisian people.

The corridors of the Tunisian Parliament witnessed on the occasion of the session of the accountability of the head of the Brotherhood Renaissance Rashid Ghannouchi, verbal quarrels and skirmishes between Brotherhood deputies and the rest of the parties, and many accusations against the leader of the Tunisian Brotherhood regarding his suspicious foreign movements and contacts that have threatened and angered Tunisians and threaten their country’s diplomacy.

Ghannouchi is subject to the accountability of the blocs of: The Constitutional Free (18 seats), Long live Tunisia (14), The Heart of Tunisia (26), Democracy (40), National Reform (15), The Future (10), and the National Bloc (10).

While parliamentarians vowed to provide evidence that disturbed the Brotherhood, others wished to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi, after fulfilling the legal requirements.


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