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This type of poisonous large frog known as “reed frog” has spread to southern Florida.

This species of frog usually lives in South America and parts of Texas and Australia, but the recent heavy rains in Florida contributed to the reproduction of these amphibians.

Reed frog has a skin covered in glands and pimples, sometimes up to 20 centimeters in length, given that females are larger than males.

The reed frog is multicolored between gray, yellow, burnt or greenish brown, and has poisonous glands in the skin, back and behind the eyes, making it a deadly threat to pets.

These animals reproduce profusely, as females lay between 8 thousand and 25 thousand eggs at a time, in the form of gel chains, sometimes up to 20 meters in length.

“As long as there is abundant water, these frogs will breed,” said William Kern, associate professor at the University of Florida who specializes in urban pest management.

He added: “You will go out looking for food and reproduction, and we may see more of them soon.”

And when these frogs feel threatened, they release their poison that can kill any animals that they try to eat, bite or even lick, knowing that this poison can kill a person.

Reed frogs are classified as a dangerous pest in more than 20 countries, and pose a threat to other creatures to the point that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission recommends killing them.


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