A British doctor volunteers to test the Corona vaccine and reveals details of the experiment


Several scientific bodies in the world are conducting clinical trials of possible vaccines against the emerging coronavirus, which has turned into a global pandemic, infected millions of people in the world and killed hundreds of thousands.

Volunteers from around the world participated in these experiments, amid hopes that they would help verify the effectiveness of the vaccine against the infection leading to “Covid 19”.

According to Sky News, among those volunteers in Britain was Dr. Elly Cannon, who recently spoke of volunteering to participate in clinical trials, and revealed her motivation to contribute to the great scientific effort of Oxford University.

Canon said that it decided to participate in order to contribute something practical to help in a national effort, in light of the “terrifying situation in which we found ourselves, knowing that I work as a doctor, and signed with consent to participate in clinical trials at Oxford University,” according to the British “Sky News”.

Oxford scientists have named the vaccine “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19” and it is expected that the study will use a human sample of 10,000 people over a full year.

The doctor started the volunteer march by registering herself, and then underwent medical checks via the Internet, and after that, she was informed that she was indeed eligible to participate, and within 48 hours she only received a phone call until she booked her appointment to participate.

When I arrived at the hospital, Canon’s temperature was measured and given as a sterilizer for the hands, and then I discussed all aspects related to the experiment, whether it comes to how to conduct the test or the possible complications of this step, or if you were infected with the virus during the experiment.

Canon underwent medical tests, as she was asked about her medical record accurately, and urine tests were carried out to ensure that she was not pregnant, as well as tests for blood pressure, heart, weight and height.

At a later stage, a volunteer’s blood sample was taken for antibody testing, so that doctors can ensure that she did not catch an infection earlier without feeling any symptoms like many people.

Scientists are keen to conduct experiments for people who have not contracted the virus before, until they notice the response of the vaccine in the body when the virus first enters it.

A few days later, Canon received its results, and it turned out that she had not had the virus before, so she returned to the hospital again for injection with the experimental vaccine.

At the present time, the doctor expects to return to the experiment, whether through additional injection of the vaccine, or to obtain what is called “placebo” or “placebo”, which is based on giving the patient a dose that does not contain active substances that have an effect on the health of its users , To find out if a person will avoid the disease thanks to his psychological preparation.

Canon concluded her speech by saying that there is a good feeling that people are part of the efforts to combat the epidemic that caused an unprecedented panic in the world.


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