4 free apps for taking screenshots in Windows 10


There are many ways to take screenshots in Windows 10, as the operating system itself contains many built-in tools that do the job.

However, using one of the applications available in the Microsoft Store may be a great choice for many, as it provides many features that you may not find in the tools included in the operating system.

Here are 4 free apps to take screenshots in Windows 10:

Snipping Tool features an easy and simple user interface, and it offers several modes to choose from, such as: free mode, rectangle, window, or full screen, so you can take pictures of the elements on the screen freely.

Once you take a screenshot, you can use the pen to select the parts you want or point to them in the image, then save, copy, or paste the image into another application or send it directly via email, and you can also export it to the Paint 3D application built into Windows 10 for editing.

2- Screenshot:

If you need to take a screenshot of a webpage quickly, Screenshot is a good option, as you can take a screenshot easily by copying the URL of the webpage you want and pasting it into the app.

But here the functionality of this application ends, as it does not provide options for editing images, so you will need to edit the image using another application or using a photo editing tool on the web.

3- ShareX app:

ShareX allows you to take a screenshot using a variety of methods, such as: full screen or active window, active screen, region and webpage selection, among others.

Once you take a screenshot you can use the app itself to edit the image, such as: add effects or watermarks, or add, copy or print a text comment, as well as the ability to record your screen and help you create GIF files.

4- QuickCapture app:

QuickCapture allows you to copy and paste the URL of the webpage you want, and not only does the app take a screenshot, you can capture the entire webpage instead of the part that appears on the screen only, and once you do that you can share the image directly from the app.

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