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Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper wrote:

For the second day in a row, yesterday, no new cases of Corona virus were recorded among residents in Lebanon, as new cases carried out by the meter during the past two days were limited to expatriates.
Of the 995 examinations conducted for residents, no new infection was recorded at noon yesterday, while a new case from Guinea was recorded among the 479 examinations, according to the Ministry of Public Health, before the Beirut State University Hospital announced the registration of one positive injury out of 430 examinations, It was not known whether she was returning to an expatriate or resident condition, pending the statement issued by the Ministry of Health to clarify the source of this injury.
And at night, the results of the examinations of trips announced last Sunday and Monday, and the Ministry of Health said that it was confirmed that 6 positive cases were recorded among the passengers who were on the flight that arrived from Sierra Leone, indicating that they will be taken to the hospital with an emphasis on the application of home quarantine to negative cases, “As for the flights that arrived from Yerevan, Riyadh, Kiev, Warsaw, London and Dubai, no injuries were reported on board.” Accordingly, the meter was closed at night in 748 cases, 206 of which recovered and 25 died, making the number of the current injured 517.
Although these data still reflect an atmosphere of positivity (in terms of limiting the registration of cases among arrivals and the limited injuries among residents), they impose a kind of caution required in order to prevent the situation from escaping and ensuring access to safe conclusions. This caution was translated by the Council of Ministers, yesterday, at its session held in the Baabda Palace, as it decided to extend the general mobilization for an additional two weeks and asked the security forces to strictly implement the measures and decisions taken,
Note that this government decision comes in conjunction with easing the procedures in part and allowing the reopening of some industrial and commercial stores and setting specific times for roaming, but the background to the extension decision comes because “people have bypassed these measures a lot as if the general mobilization decision has ended,” as Prime Minister Hassan Diab said, Noting that “the Corona epidemic has not ended yet.”
Diab added in this regard: “On the contrary, we have a great fear that this epidemic will spread more quickly these days due to the inaction of people and their lack of commitment to the procedures. For this, the security services must again strictly implement the decisions and measures, because if a second wave of this epidemic occurs, it will be a wave higher than the first wave.
Lebanese expatriates wishing to return to Lebanon will have to wait for the airport to open on June 8th

Registration of casualties among arrivals reinforces concerns related to the reopening of the airport. And as calls for organizing a third batch to evacuate stranded expatriates abound, news reports indicate that after tomorrow, Friday, it will be the last of the current evacuations. But the consultations that took place yesterday, at the level of the ministerial committee concerned with following up the evacuation file, which will be completed today, indicate the possibility of an imminent decision to return between 10 thousand and 12 thousand Lebanese from abroad. The committee sources said that the conditions of the Lebanese students portend what could be described as a “disaster”, as some of them were completely cut off from money, and now they seek help from the Lebanese embassies, due to the inability of families to send money to their children as a result of the unfair actions of the Lebanese banks. The sources also pointed to the existence of tragic conditions in the health sector for a number of countries of expatriation, especially where there are many casualties among the Lebanese, which necessitates an evacuation quickly. It has not been decided yet the date for the start of this campaign of evacuation, after talking about a comprehensive opening of the airport on the eighth of next June.
And to the decisions to extend the mobilization and demand of the military and security services to tighten the implementation of the procedures, the government agreed to accept a gift in kind from the company “Google” worth 750 thousand dollars in the form of advertisements to raise awareness of the virus.
To that, and in the context of continuing to raise the readiness in the face of “Covid 19”, the Ministry of Public Health is hosting, today, a remote meeting (video conference) between hospitals in Lebanon and another in China at eleven before noon in the ministry building, dealing with the importance of benefiting from Artificial intelligence versus Corona.
In a related context, today, Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital receives a robot designed by a group of students at the Lebanese University within the sterilization tasks imposed by the Corona confrontation mechanisms.

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