YouTube adds a feature that asks you to stop watching when you sleep


YouTube adds a feature that asks you to stop watching when you sleep


Service added The YouTube In 2018 a number of benefits of Digital Wellbeing were provided to help users manage their use of the service. Today, the service added to its mobile applications a new feature to send sleep time reminder notifications.

And with bedtime reminders, The YouTube app will require users to stop watching videos at a specific time every day. Users can specify the start and end times, while the notification can be customized so that the viewer does not interrupt the moment the time ends. In addition to excluding and rejecting a reminder, users can delay the reminder for 10 minutes.

The feature can be accessed by going in the YouTube app, to Settings, then Remind me when it’s time for bed, and you can also customize from the Time Watched page.

YouTube’s new bedtime reminders join alerts for a break, after watching between 15 and 180 minutes, and according to YouTube, 3 billion of these notifications have been sent in the past two years.

Other digital luxury features in YouTube include tracking number of minutes / hours of viewing, the ability to combine all daily notifications into one scheduled summary, and the broader ability to disable sound and vibration alerts during certain hours.

This, and bedtime reminders will begin to be available to YouTube application users in the coming days.


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