Wuhan Laboratory … controversial and bomber questions


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Wuhan Laboratory … is controversial and bomber, today, Thursday 7 May 2020 11:02 am

Wuhan Laboratory … controversial and bomber questions

AMON – The Chinese Wuhan laboratory blew up the controversy and occupied people with the American suspicions that caused the spread of the new Corona virus, while the center was originally established to study some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world.

China still insists on its first narration that the virus appeared first on the market to sell seafood in Wuhan and spread it to various regions of the world, while Washington insists on its possession of what it called “enormous evidence” to leak the virus from the laboratory, while Beijing questions its ability to Americans provide evidence “they do not have.”

As the debate over the Wuhan Institute escalates, questions are bouncing about its facility? The answer comes that it possesses the largest group of virus strains in Asia, with an estimated number of 1500 different samples, in addition to the laboratory «B4» meaning «fourth degree diseases» which is the most dangerous, while this type of laboratories is a facility that is heavily guarded and contains samples from Known viruses such as Ebola.

In the whole world there are no more than thirty B4 Class 4 Pathogen Labs or Class IV pathogens, while the B4 Laboratory was established in Wuhan, which opened in 2018, in cooperation with France and with the aim of developing a rapid response to the emergence of infectious diseases. Since 2012, the institute contains the B3 (Class III) laboratory, which generally studies less dangerous viruses, such as the emerging corona virus.

The institute confirms that since last December 30, it had received samples of an unknown virus transmitted in Wuhan and later identified as SARS-Cove-2, to analyze its DNA on January 2, and then transmit the information available to the World Health Organization on January 11.

Researcher Shi Zhengli, one of the leading virology researchers in China and deputy director of the B4 Laboratory, indicates that the genetic sequence of SARS-Cove-2 virus does not match any of the corona viruses present in bats being studied at her institute.

In the absence of evidence to give credence to the hypothesis of a leak from the Wuhan Virus Institute, as the researchers point out, there is no official evidence that its source is the market suspected of selling live wild animals, while a Chinese study in January revealed that the person believed to be the first patient with Covid-19 , Was never connected to this market.

The most important question remains, is it possible to leak from the laboratories of the Wuhan Institute? It is a confusing question that is difficult to answer, while the Washington Post reveals that the United States embassy in Beijing, after several visits to the institute, warned the American authorities in 2018 that the security measures taken at the Wuhan Institute were insufficient. (AFP)


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