World smart phone production is expected to decrease by 16.5% in the June quarter


Global smartphone production globally is expected to decrease by 16.5% to 287 million phones in the June quarter compared to the previous year, due to the spread of the Coruna virus, while market research firm TrendForce said that Samsung and Apple will maintain their first and third points on the leaderboard.

According to the Indian TOI website, the market research company said that both are expected to lose market share to their Chinese competitors, followed by a 10% drop in production worldwide in the March quarter, when the outbreak spread and peaked in China before the invasion of Europe and the United States.

TrendForce has lowered its annual production forecast to 1.24 billion smartphones, down 11.3% from 2019, from 1.35 billion, and the company said: “The epidemic is making its effects felt now in the demand side of the smart phone market by pushing major economies around the world.”

Apple has lowered the prices of the iPhone 11 in China, which is the only major market in which its stores open, and launched a new iPhone worth $ 399, while TrendForce estimates iPhone production to drop by almost 9% to about 38 million units in the March quarter, and expects An additional decrease of 2 million units in the current unit.

TrendForce said that Apple’s market share will decrease to 12.6% this quarter from 13.5% in the past, and Samsung’s market share will reduce 3 percentage points to 20.3% in the June quarter, and the company added that “Chinese brands are putting constant pressure on Samsung’s presence in southern markets East Asia and India today. “


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