“Without warning” … How does Corona destroy the body? Scientists reveal terrifying facts


Corona emerging remains a great mystery to scientists, who are shocked day after day with the information and facts they discover about the deadly virus.

In the latest findings of the scientists, the virus attacks the vital organs in the body after it is able to spread inside the lung, causes damage to them, breaks the heart and brain, and attacks even the toes.

Covid-19 does not only affect the respiratory system, as it crawls along the nervous system and destroys the sense of taste and smell, and creates blood clots that cause inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body, according to a report published in the newspaper Washington Post.

This new virus revealed that public health agencies in the world and even the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have little knowledge of what it causes the human body.

Doctor Valentin Foster, chief physician at a hospital in New York that has become the main focus of the disease in the United States, says, “At first we didn’t know what to deal with. We were seeing patients dying in front of us suddenly, without knowing the cause.”

He added that the virus proved that its effect exceeds the respiratory system, and its effects cannot be predicted, and besides the lungs, “we are witnessing cases that suffer from damage in other areas of the body, whether they are in the brain or even toes, not to mention the internal infections that arise and that require treatment of another type for some patients.” We are not only challenged to help them breathe, we need to treat a series of infections that occur in vital organs.

“We do not know the cause of many of the symptoms caused by this virus and it is so new that we do not know much about it,” said Angela Rasmussen, Columbia University virologist.

New York’s anesthesiologist David Reich said that what the virus causes is not commensurate with what we know about patterns of pneumonia or respiratory disease in general, it weakens the heart muscle and disrupts its rhythm, and makes the kidneys suffer what made hospitals find themselves unable to provide adequate kidney washing equipment.

In some cases we have seen that he uses the nervous system to destroy some senses such as taste and smell, it sometimes reaches the brain and creates blood clots that cause inflammation in the blood vessels throughout the body.

He stated that he could start attacking the body even without symptoms, and within a few days and without warning, the lung found itself under terrible pressure, and that made the elderly and those with problems due to obesity more vulnerable to being affected by it.

Contrary to what doctors believed did not harm children and young adults, in the past week it was discovered that it causes rare infections that lead to heart complications among children, where three children recently died in New York for this reason in New York.


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