Wholesale records in the glorious Rushford career with Manchester United


Foot Marcus Rashford, Manchester United strikerWonderful levels in the Red Devils shirt in the Premier League competition during the current season 2019-2020 before it stopped for the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Manchester United’s official website stated that Rashford is the best player to score at the age of 25 or less in the Premier League this season, after the 22-year-old scored 14 goals in only 22 games.

The site added that Rashford proved his role in the team more clearly than ever under the leadership of first coach Gunnar Solshire, to give the Manchester United striker the best season of his career so far.

The statistics published by the website revealed that Rushford contributes a goal, whether by scoring or by industry, with an average of 0.9 goals per game, and he also scores every 134 minutes in the Premier League.

Rushford also surpassed all players in the same position as the left-handed striker in the Premier League, whether his 74 goals so far, 34 shots on goal, or the goals he scored.

Rashford has contributed ten goals to the top six in the English Premier League since the beginning of this season, where he scored four goals against Chelsea, two goals against Manchester City, two goals against Tottenham and a goal that opened the scoring in a draw against Liverpool, in addition to making a goal against Arsenal.

Rashford spoke recently about the role of the Swedish star Ibrahimovic in his level development in comments to the English newspaper “Mirror”, saying that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had an important factor in his development as a footballer while he was at Manchester United.

“His mentality was great, he didn’t care what anyone would say about him because of his mentality, it was an evolutionary key, especially when Mourinho was there because he played with him before,” the Manchester United player said.

Manchester United are fifth in the Premier League table with 45 points.


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