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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always had a special place in the hearts of Muslims, as it is the one who has the honor to protect the two sanctuaries, and it is the one who supervises the care of the fifth pillar of Islam, and has had a significant role in international relations, given its storage of the largest oil reserves, its financial strength, and its balance in relations Public and lead roles. Its policy was a factor of appeasement, and was seen in the Gulf states as the older brother, and it did not hold back in being in other parts of the Arab and Islamic world as a factor of appeasement, reconciliation and support.
It is natural for attention to be directed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to monitor its development and monitor its implementation, given this position and this role, but the current policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is far from the founding rules for it, in its immediate surroundings in the Arabian Peninsula first, as the war was launched against Yemen, and imposed the blockade on Qatar, distanced from the Palestinian issue, and sought to fill one side against another in Arab conflicts, contrary to its previous policy, which was seeking to bridge the rift and bridge the gap. And what you tend to achieve today in its prejudice against the spectrum of societies in the Arab world and living forces in it.
The rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have the right to make the changes imposed by global changes and the development of their society, or what they see in the interest of their country, but without denying the foundations of their country or the rules governing its policy. And most importantly, they do not erase morality and chastity associated with the authority of Islam, which they adopt. It is the duty of the rulers of Saudi Arabia, as well as those of opinion thereon, to realize that the difference over its policy and its choices does not prejudice Saudi Arabia, in terms of order, state and people. It does not appear to be the prevailing view today among those planning the affairs of the Kingdom, or their trumpets from the media. I say this on the occasion of the prejudice of a Saudi journalist in a video on Morocco, the dignity of his sons and daughters, and his advice on what should and should not be, and I called him to the Moroccans with the most terrible descriptions.

The current policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is far from being the founding rules

It is not the first time that Saudi Arabia has resorted to this method of “communication” with Morocco, through video clips. It did after Morocco’s nomination of the World Cup, and a young man rising up to Morocco, defending Morocco’s inability to organize an international meeting the size of the World Cup, and calling the Moroccans Berber, and therefore they are far from invoking With ties of Arabism, not to mention other expressions of belittling. We do not consider belonging to the “barbarians” in the circle of Islam as a cause, which is the religion that did not distinguish between an Arab and a non-Arab except with piety. And Islam, until further notice, is the reference for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which it attaches to. And an sheikh who had his age to return to the intention in saying, and to be careful in ruling, on the occasion of the demonstrations in Rabat denouncing the deal of the century, called the Moroccans what is not appropriate for its transfer, the least of which he called them hypocrisy. It was free for him to be aware that the activities of Moroccan society are one thing and official politics is another, and objectivity also necessitated reminding of the Moroccan government’s condemnation of disgraceful actions that affect the symbols of the state. This does not prevent the journalist from expressing his opinion about what he sees as a contradiction or hypocrisy, but without slipping into cheap and abhorrent insult.
In the month of Ramadan, a journalist emerged again, who would not have deserved attention, had he not been exposed to the honor of Moroccan women, the dignity of Moroccans, and the foolishness of the country’s economic policy. Did the affiliate pronounce this on his own accord? Or is it a transmission trumpet? Foolishness if it is not forbidden. And for those who marry advice we respond in the companionship, is it good for the economy to detain some of the wealthy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and require them to give up some of their wealth? Is there opinion that compels a prime minister to resign outside his country, except for the leakage of ill-treatment? Is it imprudent to call against a weak neighbor, bombing civilians and pushing its citizens to starvation and deadly diseases, as reported in the international press, which is far from the conflict? Was it ethical to impose a blockade on a member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which was the supposed framework for resolving the conflict? Not to mention the precedent of Jamal Khashoggi, to which the livers break their fast, and those who hold opinion opinion, and those who died in love behind bars. If you had a bracelet, you would blame me. How do you dictate what should and what should not be done? The exaggeration that the Moroccans brought us, from some Saudi trumpets, would really hurt us, if what we were borrowed came from those with wisdom, prudent tendencies and insights.
The defamation of the Saudi journalist is harmful to Saudi Arabia first. How can she be a guardian of the two holy mosques and not protect their morals? Is not the sanctity of a Muslim with God greater than the sanctity of the Sacred House, as in the hadith? Unless the protection of the Two Holy Mosques is what they underestimate, which is what the Moroccans, the government and the people have not argued about. How can she offend him by launching reckless campaigns and mistreatment of Muslims? The Saudi rulers have the right to make the choices they want, and to prioritize the North African region as they please. They have the right to receive whoever they want, whenever they want, and to destroy what they wanted for those who wanted them to be the mouthpiece of their condition, but they must take into account the sanctity of the people if they are blind to understand the logic of the state. It is the duty of Moroccan diplomacy in its dealings with Saudi Arabia to remain in the circle of principles, for the Saudi state is what matters and not the whims of people, whatever their ranks, the Saudi people exist, and it requires us Moroccans the duty of reverence and respect. The Moroccan diplomacy did well when it condemned the attack on Saudi Arabia in Aramco facilities, and the activities of the Moroccan people are not justified by slipping into reactions to a saying that the free Saudis denounced before others. The best thing he cites in this holy month is what was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, “the angered and angry and forgiving people”.
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