WhatsApp may support video calls with 50 people via Messenger Rooms


WhatsApp may support video calls with 50 people via Messenger Rooms

Since Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, it has kept it separate by itself, despite the exchange of information between them, but the service has been separate from Messenger, this is about to change, at least as far as video calls are concerned.

Recently, Facebook revealed a new feature in the Messenger app called Rooms that allows video calls even with 50 people at the same time and without the need to have a Facebook account they have, and now the company plans to merge it in one way or another with WhatsApp, the most important and most popular chat application compared to Messenger.

Leaked images from a WhatsApp test showed on its web version as well as the Android app, where there is an icon through which the call can be made via the Rooms service. Where a new icon appeared in the web version of WhatsApp by clicking on it a popup message appears telling the user that he will be redirected to Rooms to create a new chat room that differs from WhatsApp not only with the number of participants, but it is also not encrypted with the same protection.

Of course, the feature is still under development and testing and it is not officially available to everyone yet, but it is a good idea to exploit the popularity of WhatsApp, which has two billion users to promote the rooms service for those looking to make a large video call, as WhatsApp itself supports up to 8 people together.


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