WhatsApp Business now allows companies to sync information from their Facebook pages


WhatsApp Business app now allows to sync corporate information to Facebook directly from the application.

WhatsApp Business now allows companies to sync information from their Facebook pages

WhatsApp is on the messaging platforms in the world, with more than two billion active users, and two years ago, the company announced the availability of the WhatsApp business app.WhatsApp BusinessWhich in turn offered companies a great way to communicate with customers, and now things will become more simple for commercial activities, as it will be possible to link the company’s Facebook page to WhatsApp for business, to synchronize information from it and run Facebook ads that click on WhatsApp.

Thus with this add-on, WhatsApp Business users will be able to link to their Facebook page and choose to sync details such as opening hours, website address, website links and more.

To do this, go to the business settings to the linked accounts option, and you can choose more than one category for your business by going to the business settings and then the business profile up to the amendment of the profile and ending with the categories, where you can view the categories that you want your customers to see and search .

Finally, this extension will be a powerful addition to business owners by helping them to speed up the workload on the Internet, and linking accounts will also allow companies to run Facebook ads, and it is worth noting that you will need to download the latest version of Facebook and WhatsApp for Business in order to benefit from this support.


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