What more can you lie with in bed?


Translation: Nawfal NeoufWhat more can you lie in bed with
No less than you wish to wake up with them
To turn at the separation in the morning
Waving your hand and smiling,
And eagerly waiting for their news throughout the day.

David Kennedy “A park in Prague” (Watercolor on Paper, 2016)

What is easier for them to live with,
Drinking morning coffee, conversation and controversy ..
With whom you can travel to rest on the sea
To be together, as it should be, in good and bad ..
But without love ..

No less than you wish to share the dream with!
Watching the clouds hovering in the sky,
Writing the words of love on the first snow,
And you only think about that person ..
Do you not know and do not wish for greater happiness?

Fewer can be a little silent with them,
Who understood you from a whisper, from the blink of an eye,
Whoever does not go against it in your life year after year
Whoever is able to accept, for example, a prize,
Any pain, any death ..

And that the wheel revolves in this manner:
For people to meet easily,
And to separate without pain.
All this because there are many people who can lie with them in bed
All of this is because there are few who yearn to wake up side by side with them.

(*) Edward Asadov (1923-2004) is a Russian poet and narrator of Armenian origins. He lost his sight in the war (May 4, 1944), continued his university studies, and in his lifetime published 47 books.


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