What are the tips and alerts of the International Monetary Agency for Lebanon? (The Republic)


I learned “The Republic“The positive signals that the Lebanese side received from the International Monetary Fund have included a series of alerts, sockets and advice, summarized as follows:

First, the Monetary Fund, in principle, does not mind providing assistance to Lebanon, but rather wants to do so, and is not about to place any difficulties before the Lebanese negotiator.Secondly, a qualitative shift must be made in Lebanon, which makes its economy compatible with the “modern economies” that many countries of the world enjoy.

Third, a fundamental review is required by Lebanon, at all levels, from a fundamental and very important issue related to affirming the independence of the Lebanese judiciary.

Fourth, Lebanon’s economy is shackled by a series of serious restrictions; Handcuffed by politics, handcuffed by waste and corruption, handcuffed by a set of laws that need comprehensive modernization, handcuffed by monopolies, and handcuffed by an inefficient administrative system.

According to reliable information sources, these positive signals, and the faults that were associated with them, involve in essence urging Lebanon to start a workshop with the aim of modernizing its economy and its legal and legislative system, and taking the required corrective measures.


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