We publish a complete professional guide to help you set up meetings on Google Meet


We publish a complete professional guide to help you set up meetings on Google Meet

Saturday, 16 May 2020 22:21

I wrote – Mennat Allah Jamal:

Google Meet is a video calling app owned, operated, and marketed by Google, and recently, the app has risen to tremendous popularity especially among companies.

The spread of the Corona virus has made it difficult for us to conduct our daily interactions, at such times, platforms such as Google Meet meet our communication needs.

With offices and workspaces closed, work from home culture has increased significantly, and apps like Google Meet are designed to support work from home.

The app is well suited for enterprise meetings as it can host up to 250 people and no time limit restrictions, Google Meet has features like real-time caption and screen sharing and integrates with all G Suite apps; All of these features help in making a professional video meeting.

You can access Google Meet by downloading the application to your smartphone or by opening it on the desktop, to take advantage of the services provided by Google Meet, you must have a Google Account.

Once you have created your Google Account, you can create

Meeting or joining it on G-Meet, you can set up meetings for a later date using Google Meet, all you have to do is merge Google Meet with the calendar.

How to set up meetings on Google Meet
1- Open Google Calendar and click on the required date and time field, then select Create, in this way an event will be added to your calendar

2- Add the required information, you can also edit the event by adding information or click on Add Video Conferencing via Google Meet to create a link

3- Once you click Save, the event is saved to Google Calendar and Google Meet and asks you to share the link with the guests

4- Share the link with the guest and on the due date, the link will be reached


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