Watch … Nadine Al-Rassi perform with Basil Khayat: “Men are Men”!


Disbanded Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi A guest on the media, Hisham Haddad, in yesterday’s episode of the program “We went to us,” which is broadcast on the Syrian “Lana” TV.


Nadine Al-Rassi confirmed that she is living a new stage in her life, especially after she was officially linked to the young man Majd Daaboul, announcing that she will enter the golden cage in the month of August.


Nadine Al-Rassi revealed that he put up her name earlier to be a hero in the series “Al-Haiba”, but things did not reach the happy rings, indicating that the best duet was between her and actor Tim Hassan in the series “Brothers”, also pointing to the success of Hassan’s duet with Nadine Nassib Njeim, which you consider close to her.


And about “the most actor I liked as a man while acting with him,” Nadine Al-Rassi replied without hesitation, “Basil Khayat,” stressing that she was drawn to him and followed “Basil’s men.”


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