Watch … Elon Musk reproduces Tesla in defiance of closing Alameda


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Watch … Elon Musk reproduces Tesla in defiance of closing Alameda, today, Tuesday, May 12, 2020 4:02 pm

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla Electric Vehicles Company, did not wait for a resolution of his case against the American Alameda County to restart Tesla’s Fremont plant.

The CEO confirmed previous reports from The Verge, San Francisco Chronicle and others that the Tesla plant had reproduced despite orders to close the Corona epidemic in the district, and said he would be on the line with anyone else, asking that he be the only one to be arrested if she decided The police closed things.

The CEO reiterated his view that the boycott “illegally bypassed” California production policies,

He emphasized that Tesla had been distinguished, noting that other auto manufacturers in the U.S. had been allowed to appeal.

Misk had objected to the closure during the last call to Tesla’s earnings, demanding that the boycott return it to open the factory.

District superintendent Scott Haggerty said in a discussion with the New York Times, that the county was close to a reproduction agreement on May 18 after Tesla’s identification had done a “good job” to implement safety measures, adding that Musk had not

Not willing to wait, he wanted to reopen the factory on May 8th.

There is no doubt that Tesla is under pressure to resume production, while the company has made excellent profits in the first quarter and can partially support the second quarter through shipments of electric cars already produced, but time is running out, and it has to make new cars to avoid the major shortfall.

Alameda County has said it uses the same “phased approach” to block breaches of orders it has used in the past, and hopes that Tesla will comply without “additional enforcement measures”.

Musk will not be taken out of the factory with handcuffs, and Tesla was ready to present a site-specific plan later, and she looked forward; To reach agreement on when the company can safely resume manufacturing.


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