Watch … Child Mariam reveals new details about her participation in the “Prince” series


The child Farida Hosam, who embodied the role of “Maryam”, the daughter of the artist Mohamed Ramadan in the events of the “Prince” series, revealed the scenes of her role, which won great acclaim, especially after a scene in her yesterday’s episode with Ahmed Zahir, who presents the role of her uncle and left her alone without mercy in the street.

Farida Hussam said in her interview with the media program “Now” that Asmaa Mostafa presents on the Extra News channel, that she loves acting like her brothers, and her mother helps her memorize the role well, as she kept her role in secret and then says it in front of the camera.

Maryam stressed that she was not afraid of acting, and that her scene with Ahmed Zahir, who left her in the street, was never afraid of him, but she cried in this influential and automatic way because she imagined that her mother was not with her, explaining that sometimes he was helping her actors to save the roles and was sometimes returning some Speak and applauded the audience, which happened in yesterday’s scene and another scene in which the PlayStation was playing.

She revealed that the artist Ahmed Zahir started accepting her after the scene and was keen to take pictures with her and learned that everyone was impressed by her performance in the scene through her mother and he made her very happy.

As for the scene of her father’s embrace, which Mohamed Ramadan embodied when she visited him in prison, she said that she knew that she was playing a role and wanted to do it well because she “knows acting”, stressing that she intends to continue in this field.

She followed that the artist Mohamed Ramadan was calling her during the filming with “Ya Princessa”, and she would be happy when she watched the series, as “Prince” is the only work that you see on the screen during the month of Ramadan, following up that she wants to be represented in the cinema the coming period.


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