Watch an unhappy Hollywood star with Apple


05/22 19:56

I have never felt the need for a good front camera or webcam on a laptop as much as I have in the past two months.

Video conferencing, online lessons, and group video calls are a matter of the day and a good webcam is a must.

Now, webcams don’t really have the best specs, and that has annoyed a Hollywood actor who uses a MacBook Air.

Clark Gregg, who played the role of customer Phil Coulson, in Marvel Universe films, dissatisfied with Apple and its recent purchase: the new MacBook Air.

Greg moved to Twitter to express his concern about Apple, and he said, “Dear Apple Hello, I have been a big fan of you for more than 30 years, I’ve been stuck up when I made a mistake in buying iPhones to get us to buy new phones, but I just bought a new MacBook Air to use in what will be Zoom is probably fuzzy and the webcam is awful, why not? ”

The new MacBook Air comes with a 720p camera, which just isn’t up to the standard on paper, many complained

Apple has not changed the capabilities of the webcam on MacBook Air for some time and the 2020 model has also not been upgraded, and many Windows laptops provide a 1080p camera and claim to have better light sensitivity as well, which is lacking in the new MacBook Air .

Apple has not responded – at least publicly – to Clark’s grievances, which added a second tweet in which it posted a picture of the old PowerBook 100 Macintosh and told Apple “Respect your customers Apple or you will end up like this device.”


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