Watch .. 7 most beautiful pictures of the giant moon shining the night sky around the world


SkyWorld watchers around the world enjoyed breathtaking views of this month’s Giant Moon or Supermoon, when the moon looks bigger and brighter.

This phenomenon occurs when the celestial satellite reaches its closest point to Earth –

Known as perigee – it is on the opposite side of the Earth to the sun.

The giant moon is known this month – the third and last of the year – as the moon flower due to its occurrence in

the spring.

The moon has a near point “perihelion” and a distant point “aphelion”, because its orbit around the Earth is slightly elliptical, and at perigee, it appears slightly larger than the average apparent magnitude of the large moon, and in the apogee it is slightly smaller.

Although it is only a slight visual impact, the giant moon may appear larger and brighter in the sky.


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