Washington-Beijing Trade Agreement Remains Despite Corona Differences


The United States has recorded more than 2,400 deaths from the Corona virus over the past 24 hours, surpassing the total death toll in that country of 75,500, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.Data released by the university showed that the “Covid 19” epidemic has claimed the lives of 75,543 people in the United States to date, including 2448 within 24 hours. The total number of people infected with the epidemic in this country increased to 1,254,750 people (more than 27,300 new cases within 24 hours), of whom 195,000 recovered.
The number of laboratory tests conducted in the United States to date to detect infected with the virus, about 8.1 million, according to the university.
After the death toll, on Monday, fell to 1015, the lowest level ever in a month, the number returned during the past three days to exceed the two thousand deaths daily.

Unemployment is setting a record!
The US economy lost 20.5 million jobs during the month of April, an unprecedented number for such a short period, while the unemployment rate rose to 14.7%, its highest level since the thirties, according to US Labor Ministry figures showed today, Friday.
The higher unemployment rate since the start of recording these data in 1948 was the result of the cessation of economic activity as a result of the “Corona” outbreak. And the Ministry of Labor said in a statement, “Employment decreased sharply in all major sectors, with a significant loss of jobs, especially in the (entertainment) and hotel sectors.”
The number of the unemployed increased from 15.9 million to 23.1 million. The number of part-time workers for economic reasons nearly doubled to 10.9 million.
The unemployment rate was at 4.4% last March. By way of comparison, the highest unemployment rate in light of the financial crisis in 2009 was 10.1%.

Washington and Beijing are bound by the trade agreement
US and Chinese trade representatives agreed to “create the conditions” for the implementation of the first phase of the trade agreement that the two countries reached at the beginning of the year, despite the tension caused by their dispute over the Corona virus.
Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu He, who led trade negotiations with the United States, held phone talks this morning with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthouse and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce stated that “the two parties affirmed their readiness to enhance their cooperation in the field of macroeconomics and public health, and made every effort to create a favorable environment for the implementation of their preliminary economic and trade agreement and support the achievement of positive results.” While US officials said after the call, the two sides confirmed that “good progress” had been made regarding creating the government infrastructure necessary for the agreement to succeed.
A statement by the Office of the US Trade Representative and the Treasury said that the two parties “agreed, that despite the global health emergency, the two countries will implement their obligations contained in the agreement on time.”
The two countries also agreed to maintain communication and cooperation. It is probably the first time that the two parties have spoken formally since the agreement was signed.

Talks with Russia, too
“Russia and the United States will soon resume their talks on strategic stability,” the Russian Information Agency quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, as saying on Friday.
Ryabkov’s speech comes one day after the US president confirmed his “desire to limit arms” that includes Russia and China in a phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Ryabkov added that the United States has not indicated its willingness to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) concluded in 2010.


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