Virus found in bats closely related to Covid-19


Virus found in bats closely related to Covid-19

Wednesday – 20 Ramadan 1441 AH – 13 May 2020 CE

Bats Gather Close To Each Other In India (AFP)

Beijing: «Middle East Online»

Many scientists are currently busy trying to locate the source of the Corona virus, which is spreading in many countries around the world. Currently, research shows that it is very likely that the virus responsible for “Covid-19” has evolved naturally and may have its original source of bats before it develops the mutations that made it the global epidemic we know today.
A new study has given greater credibility to this theory, as it found a virus close to «corona» in bats, including mutations that are «inserts» of genetic material into the viral genome, and shows that these changes to the composition of the virus can occur naturally, according to a report published Science Alert website.
“Since Corona was discovered, there have been a number of suggestions that say the virus has been developed in a laboratory,” says Weifeng Shi, a microbiologist at Shandong First Medical University.
He continued: “Some scientific evidence pointed to laboratory manipulation, but our research paper shows very clearly that biological events occur naturally in wildlife.”
This bat-virus, which the team called “RMYNO2”, was discovered during the analysis of 302 samples from 227 bats collected in Yunnan Province in China in the second half of 2019.
After analyzing the viruses in these bat samples, the team was able to detect two almost complete genes for the “emerging corona” virus, “RMYNO1” and “RMYNO2”.
Scientists found that “RMYNO1” had a low correlation with the “Corona” virus, but “RMYNO2” showed great similarities. This coronavirus shares 93.3% of its genome with Covid-19.
And finding new coronavirus genomes is incredibly useful if we want to discover how the emerging corona virus has evolved from what it is today, according to the report.
The scientists wrote in their study: “Our study reaffirms that bats are important natural reservoirs for coronaviruses, and currently include the closest viruses to (corona), although this image may change with increasing sampling from wildlife.”


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