Video: Yasser Jalal suffered a drop in blood circulation on the air, I cannot take myself


05/18 04:47

Artist Yasser Galal suffered a drop in the circulatory system during his dialogue via the “ZOOM” program, with the journalist Lamees Al-Hadidi on the “Cairo Now” program broadcast on the Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath satellite channel.

Jalal said: “By saying, Madame Lamis, I am a little bit old after breakfast, and I can’t take myself and my community is a kind of drop. I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, media adviser Lamis Al-Hadidi advised him to take any drink in order to treat the decline, while Jalal told her that he would answer her questions in small and concise sentences.

The artist Yasser Jalal presents the series “Al-Fatwa”, in which he plays the role of heroism and restores the series, the drama of the era of the fatwa in Al-Gamalia neighborhood, through the personality of “Hassan Al-Jabali”, who seeks to support the weak and the needy, while imposing “Azmy”, who embodies the role of the artist Ahmed Salah Hosni, Royalties to people, and events unfold.


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