Video .. Today, the minarets of Saudi Arabia end “Pray in your homes” and raise a “neighborhood to the farmer”


Today, Sunday, worshipers in Saudi Arabia returned to practicing prayer rituals inside mosques and living with the presence of Corona virus with caution; And by their commitment to a number of precautionary measures and spacing instructions, wearing a muzzle and applying precautions in order not to increase the incidence of infection. According to the above.

About 90,000 mosques and mosques have opened their doors today to worshipers who performed the dawn prayer amid the heavy presence of citizens of the Kingdom who were prevented from performing prayers in mosques for a period of 70 days due to the spread of Corona virus.

“Back with caution” is a slogan launched by the government communication center at the Ministry of Information, the unified verbal and visual media identity of the awareness campaign for the gradual return to normalcy (# we return with caution), in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, which is an extension of the slogan “We are all responsible” that found great interaction in the beginning of preventing curfews in the Kingdom .

The competent authorities in the Kingdom have also decided to change the times of permitting roaming in all regions of the Kingdom from six in the morning until eight in the evening, with the exception of the holy city of Mecca, to become from six in the morning until three in the evening; As well as allowing travel between regions and cities in the Kingdom by private car during the period of non-curfew.

In order to continue the activities exempted in the previous decisions, It is permitted to open some economic and commercial activities and conduct their activities in the grace period, and allow Friday and Friday prayers to be held for all assumptions in the mosques of the Kingdom, except for mosques in the holy city of Mecca, with commitment to precautionary measures and preventive measures, and the continued establishment of Friday and group prayers in the Sacred Mosque according to procedures Health and precaution currently in place.


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