Video Threatening “Ahmed Zaher” because of his role in the “Prince” series


Video clip revealed
On the completion of a threat received by the Egyptian actor Ahmed, because of his role in the events of the series “Prince”
Participant in Ramadan 2020.Although
He tried in vain to confirm that what he was doing was acting, but that didn’t sound convincing to a girl who called
Zahir, during which he was criticized for publicly abandoning Radwan’s daughter (Muhammad Ramadan)
In the series.

After trying to persuade her
That this is in the context of checkers, and that Fathi is the one who left the child and not him, the girl’s husband entered Ali
The line, and Zahir vowed: Saying: What did you do in Maryam? .. And our Lord’s Throne is not what will hurt you.

Zahir revealed at the end
The call that Maryam will return to her father at the end of the business events.

Zaher had received
Extensive tribute to the role of “Ramadan” brother of Mohammed Ramadan in work, a complex and satiated character
Contract and psychopathic, but it is weak and hesitant in front of his powerful unruly wife, who exploits her femininity
To everyone around her even to his brother, while he is overwhelmed with self-confidence.
The series “Prince”,
Starring Mohammed Ramadan, Nour Lebanese, Ahmed Zahir, Rogina, Edward, Naglaa Badr, and Rim Sami,
It is a story and directed by Mohamed Sami.


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