Vice President of the Football Association: the cost of completing the league 82 million pounds


Jamal Muhammad Ali, Vice President of the Football Association, confirmed that Hani Abu Raida deserves to obtain the honorary presidency of the Jabaliya, stressing that the upcoming elections for the Football Association will be for a period of one year. By allocating two seats for women in the Football Association, but we refused and adhered to allocating one seat, the total cost of completing the league is 82 million pounds, and the final decision in this file, whether to complete the league or not, will be after the holiday.

Jamal Muhammad Ali revealed the date for resolving the situation regarding the completion of the season, saying: “After the holiday, we will get to know the criteria for the return of the activity set by the Ministry of Health, and in light of this we will take the decision. “

And Jamal Muhammad Ali continued: “We must study matters related to the hypothesis of one of the players being infected with Corona, and how it is possible to deal with the rest of the team, in addition to identifying the possibility of applying the same standards at lower levels of excellent. “

Jamal Muhammad Ali added: “We will make calculations related to the winnings of the clubs if the league continues, and the losses in the case of cancellation and all of this will be a reason for the final decision that we issue.”

He said: “There are 150 matches left in the league we Excellent, in the second section there are 90 games remaining, and in the Egypt Cup there are matches starting from the round of 16, eight and semi-final and final, and all competitions and sections remaining 375 gamesPending: “Premier League clubs announce their opinions according to their circumstances or demands, but we, as a football association and the Ministry of Youth Sports, have two things, both of which have gone through either return or cancellation, and we do not focus on the interests of personal clubs.”


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