Vague symptoms and critical cases .. Egyptian doctors tell about Corona


Source: Cairo – Reem El-Shishtawy

New information and symptoms that doctors around the world discover every day about the emerging coronavirus, which makes it more difficult for doctors to try to save different infected conditions, especially critical ones.

In an interview with “Al” with Dr. Hisham Sultan, an assistant teacher of anesthesia and critical cases, and one of the Helwan University team at May 15 Hospital for isolation, he explained that the medical staff faces many critical cases that doctors work to provide all the necessary care to save them, adding that Many of these cases were cured of Covid-19 disease, which is caused by the coronavirus, despite the difficulty of these cases and their passing at critical moments.

He said: “We faced many critical cases and were completely cured of the virus, including a 70-year-old patient who is a patient with kidney failure in addition to suffering from diabetes and blood pressure, and the difficulty in this case was in dealing with kidney failure that requires dialysis 3 times during one week Therefore, a group of doctors in various specialties dealt with that case to try to maintain the stability of the condition and not deteriorate, and the situation has already stabilized and gradually improved from the Corona virus.

Corona from Egypt
Corona from Egypt

Dr. Hisham added: “We faced a condition of an 80-year-old diabetic patient, who was suffering from pneumonia and after doctors doubts that she was infected with the virus, and indeed it proved positive for the virus and was transferred to the isolation hospital, and moved to intensive care for only one week, and gradually began to improve from inflammation Pulmonary disease until it has fully recovered from the virus. ”

Qaha Central Hospital
Qaha Central Hospital

The anesthesiologist and critical cases doctor said: “We encountered a 70-year-old patient suffering from heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and was detained in a hospital for his complaints of chest pain, and for doctors to know his history as a cardiac patient who was undoubtedly treated with a virus, then His condition deteriorated due to pneumonia, which raised the suspicion of doctors, and after examination, he was found to be positive for Coronavirus and transferred to the Isolation Hospital, and his treatment continued for two weeks and his condition remained stable after receiving the necessary treatment.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Hisham stressed, “We still do not know much about this virus and discover every new day around it, and in some cases we found the effect of the virus on the heart much more than it affects the lungs, and we also noticed an increase in the rate of clotting in the blood in many cases, so we worked The use of blood-thinning medications, especially those suffering from heart disease, so that complications do not occur, and the complications actually decreased after we used these treatments, so we must scrutinize in all cases and take into account the sudden developments that may occur for different cases. ”

In a related context, Dr. Islam Al-Arabi, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Qaha Quarantine Hospital in Qalyubia Governorate, told that the hospital faced many critical cases, including a doctor who was infected by treating other cases in an isolation hospital while she was pregnant In the fifth month, she developed high blood pressure, which threatened to lose the fetus through complications. ”

He added that the case “responded to the treatments despite its difficulty, recovered completely from the virus, and was discharged from the hospital after confirming its passivity to the virus.”

He pointed out that the medical team dealt with many cases of the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases, including a 84-year-old woman who was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes and after receiving treatment she recovered completely from the virus after 7 days.

He added: “We also dealt with patients with heavy smokers, including those over the age of 83 years, and the treatment period lasted two weeks without the need to transfer him to intensive care, and he was completely cured of the virus.”

May 15 Hospital
May 15 Hospital

And Dr. Islam stressed that with the follow-up of the cases, “we found the prevalence of diarrhea symptoms among the injured even if they did not suffer from strong symptoms such as pneumonia and others, and we are still discovering every new day about this virus.”


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