Updated .. “Dow Jones” jumped 900 points by closing with hopes of corona treatment


direct: US stock indices rose nearly 3 percent at the end of trading on Monday, to jump the industrial “Dow Jones” more than 900 points amid the acceleration of reopening the economies of countries and hopes of discovering a vaccine for the epidemic.

The performance of “Wall Street” today, led by shares of “Moderna” pharmaceutical company, which rose by about 20 percent after the company announced positive results for the first stage of the possible vaccine for the virus.

Also added comments Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell To stock sentiment, he said that “there is a lot we can do” to help the economy, and he expected a sharp recession in the US economy but he ruled out reaching the Great Depression again.

And she said Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will negotiate a new stimulus package bill worth $ 3 trillion.

Tensions continue to grow between the two largest economies around the world The administration of US President Donald Trump has placed restrictions on semiconductors from international chip companies to Chinese Huawei.

And some US states and several European countries have begun to resume opening the economy cautiously, amid anticipation of the extent of potential harm to the rate of epidemic.

Economic data revealed that the confidence of home builders in the United States rose more than expected this month.

At the close, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 3.8 percent to 24,597.3 points, which is equivalent to 911.9 points in the biggest daily gain since April 8.

The Standard & Poor’s index also rose by 3.1 percent to 2,953.1 points, and the “NASDAQ” increased by 2.4 percent to 9,234.8 points.

By 8:15 pm GMT, the main dollar index, which follows the performance of the green paper, declined against 6 major currencies, by 0.7 percent to 99.618.


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