Under the responsibility of a Russian scientist, poetry is a spreading agent of the Coruna virus – thought and art – east and west


Professor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Stein, Russian virologist, has announced that people often forget that hair helps spread the emerging corona virus.

The expert pointed out during a television interview, that the infection of the emerging corona virus can be transmitted through the hair. Therefore, in order to avoid this danger, the head must be covered with a hat or something else, because the virus can stay active in the hair for three days, according to what Russia Today quotes.

He said: “The virus can fall on the hair, as it can stay active there 2-3 days, so it is necessary to cover the head with a hat or scarf outside the home.”

He added, it is necessary to use medical masks when leaving the house, as well as taking into account the separation distance (not less than 1.5 meters) between people in the street, shops and other public places.

The expert stressed that the threat of the emerging corona virus includes large cities and small residential centers, where people congregate. This increases the possibility of infection.



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