UAE union differentiates between Olario and Mamic |


Abu Dhabi- The Emirati Football Association Committee has decided on the name of two coaches, and began negotiations with them to lead the first team during the next stage.

According to Emirati media, the mission will not be temporary, but rather for a long period that may extend for four years.

The Al-Ittihad newspaper held a remote seminar, in the presence of Youssef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, Vice President of the Football Association, Chairman of the National Teams Committee. The dialogue that was broadcast on the newspaper’s account on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook networks covered many important axes of the UAE national team.

Al-Sahlawi said that the national teams committee is awaiting a complete picture of the postponed dates in relation to the national team’s qualifying campaign for the 2022 World Cup and Asian Cup 2023, and that in the event of the return of matches in the coming October and November, the option to sign a specific coach will be available.

He added, “If the entire qualifications for 2021 were postponed, the name of the candidate coach will change, as the first will be familiar with Emirati and Asian football, while in the case of postponing to 2021, he may be a new coach in the region, in which case he will have enough time to get to know the players.”

Al-Sahlawi said that the national teams committee is awaiting a full picture about the postponed dates in relation to the national team’s journey

He added, “We have already identified the name of the coach to be hired, and he is not among the names that were proposed specifically, Cosmin Olario, Zoran Mamic or Zalatko Dalic, nor will he be a national coach, after the names of Abdulaziz Al-Anbari and Mahdi Ali were mentioned, so the two coaches are distinguished competencies, but the committee She did not originally consider the option of the national coach. ”

He continued, “Unfortunately our team has become without an identity or artistic personality, and this is what we want to work on. Our goal is that all UAE teams have a technical personality and identity, and this is done by unifying the philosophy of training and playing for all stages and for the first team as well, even if the coaches’ schools themselves differ.”

On the fate of Al-Abyad rallies, he said, “Short races have proven unsuccessful with the Emirati player, as well as very long rallies, hurting clubs, but we also realize that the local league level is much lower than the international level, which means that the team must be given sufficient time in the camps before international confrontations, And we asked that the first gathering of white be between 25 days to a month, and later the gatherings may be reduced, but certainly not short ones. ”

On the clubs ’rejection of this trend, he said,“ Now our team is in a difficult position, and I think the clubs will understand that. ”

Regarding the lack of discipline in the camps of the team, and whether the list of teams is sufficient to deter the uncontrolled player, he said: “In all generations there was no 100 percent discipline, it is natural that instances of discipline will occur, but they are very individual cases, and I believe that the player He comes to the elected camp to undertake a national mission, and he must set an example and set an example. Therefore, we will apply the regulations to everyone, and those who exceed will certainly not have a place. ”


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