Two new features in the “WhatsApp” app soon … get to know them


The application of WhatsApp has witnessed a lot of work in the past months. In February, the long awaited dark situation arrived, but that was not a major achievement for the WhatsApp application that is used by more than 1.5 billion people, as developers faced the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus, and with the imposition of social separation In most parts of the world, WhatsApp developers had to move quickly to keep up with the demands of millions of users, as group video calls appeared in the app.

For his part, a WhatsApp spokesperson said: “Over the course of the Corona pandemic we have seen that the use of voice and video calls has increased dramatically on the application, we have expanded voice and video calls to eight participants in order to help families and groups of friends stay in contact in this difficult time, with Be aware that their private calls are protected by full encryption“.

Messenger rooms

WhatsApp video chat will get additional payment very soon through merger Messenger rooms Newly released on Facebook, and as the name suggests, the rooms were first launched as part of Facebook Messenger, but the company is integrating them into other applications and products as well, including WhatsApp, Instagram and devices Portal.

Messenger rooms differ from video chats in WhatsApp in several ways, as rooms allow up to 50 people to enter and exit the conversation in a custom manner, and instead of scheduling a meeting at a specific time, as it does Zoom or Google Meet, You can simply open the Messenger room and friends can access it if they are around.

She explained Tiffany Dohzen, Product Manager at Messenger Rooms, her experience in creating rooms, and what sets her apart from tools like Zoom And SkypeGoogle Meet, Where she said that while Facebook was exploring ways to further expand video chatting, the Corona pandemic was what really started to evolve..

Links to Messenger rooms are already spotted in WhatsApp Beta releases for iPhone and Android devices, and although we don’t yet know when they will be fully integrated, WhatsApp teams are not wasting time.

Encrypted stickers and backups

The animated stickers mentioned have not been spotted since April, when they were found before WABetaInfo, But seems to be in a good development state, and may appear later this year as soon as things are stabilized in the app.

And the new automatic download rules in WhatsApp look like another easy-to-use add-on for everyone, when implemented, it will prevent downloading of frequently redirected photos, videos and documents automatically, saving valuable space in your phone’s storage.

Business users are also likely to gain some attention, as encrypted backups and codes have surfaced QR In the latest beta, once implemented, this will allow iPhone users to choose whether their backups are encrypted on iCloud, And set a password to restore backups, companies will also be able to share their contact details with customers via an on-screen scanned icon.

And with the continued demand for video conferencing and chatting tools, it appears that the Messenger custom shortcuts will be the next big feature that will arrive in WhatsApp soon..

Messenger rooms are now being published all over the world, and developers are working on launching the rooms feature on WhatsApp and Instagram, as this feature is currently being tested, and there is no specific date for its launch yet..


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