Two brothers injured in the Egyptian stadiums in Corona


The Egyptian soccer team increased the pain of the outbreak of the # Corona virus, after the duo Hamada Al-Sharqawi, the youth goalkeeper of the Assiut youth team, and his brother Ahmed Al-Sharqawi, captain of the Shebin Republic team, were infected with the Corona virus, after positive tests were confirmed by the duo.

The duo suffered from symptoms of the disease, before they went to the Shebin Al-Kom Fever Hospital last Tuesday to conduct the tests, as it proved positive to be isolated in the quarantine of the University City of Shebin Al-Kom.

The infection of the two brothers is the fourth and fifth with the Corona Virus in the Egyptian soccer field, after Walid Abdullah, the coach of Al-Madinah Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Hadi Jumaa, the youth club of Beni Suef, and the death of Mohamed Abdo, the coach of the Badr guards.

Mohamed Abdou, the Badr club goalkeeper coach, one of the third division clubs in Egypt, had recorded the only death in Egyptian football, as his health deteriorated and he entered intensive care in isolation, before he died and his body was buried amid tight procedures by the police and preventive medicine.

The increase in Corona virus infections came in light of a state of controversy over the fate of the local championships in all games, where the former vice-president of the Football Association Ahmed Shoubir announced that the Egyptian League is on the way to cancel and a decision will be issued this week, before the Ministry of Youth and Sports issues a statement denying that During which any decisions on sports championships currently suspended.

Fuchini as provided by Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz


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