Twitter begins providing a new way to show chain responses to tweets


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A new way of Twitter is showing chain responses with a different design on the desktop version and iOS app.

Twitter has announced that it has started providing a different way to show chain chat or thread responses on the platform to make it more visible to users, with all threads appear under the main Tweet and separately from other responses to the main Tweet.

According to the animation posted by Twitter to talk about the new method, it is represented by a side line next to the response and when pressed, responses to it will appear, and the matter will extend to reach all sub-responses in the same way. This means that the user will be able to better define the responses to each tweet and the discussions under each one.

The company has been working on this feature for some time, but it has just begun launching it to users. Some users of the web and iOS version will be able to acquire it initially now, before the rest of the users arrive during the coming period.


Source: Technology World


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