Tuberculosis mortality due to COVID-19 expected to increase


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Tuberculosis mortality due to COVID-19 expected to increase


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Radiography to detect TB infection

Because of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the International TB Control Organization said, tens of thousands of people with TB worldwide remain undiagnosed, which could lead to a high death rate among them.

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The Stop TB Partnership report notes that experts have studied how this short period will affect the number of TB infections and deaths in the next five years, in countries where TB has become an acute and complex problem, such as India, Kenya, and Ukraine. The researchers focused their attention on two possible scenarios: optimistic and pessimistic.

According to the first scenario, by 2025 the number of people with tuberculosis in the world will increase by 1.8 million, of whom 342.5 thousand will die. As for the second scenario, the number will increase in 2025 by 6.3 million, of whom 1.4 million will die.

WHO experts note that in the absence of the ability to examine, diagnose and treat those infected at this stage (the anti-coronavirus phase) and the insufficient quantity of vaccines against tuberculosis, all efforts to control tuberculosis in the world will be in vain and take us back 5-8 years.

WHO experts believe that providing additional resources and taking the necessary measures after the end of this phase will help to correct the situation, and they suggest: providing high-quality medicines for tuberculosis patients, describing the necessary treatment and monitoring its implementation, and organizing awareness campaigns for the population about the seriousness and symptoms of this disease. Detecting injuries in dangerous areas, and following up and identifying infected persons to prevent the spread of the disease.

Source: Novosti


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