Trump promises to reveal the origin of the Corona virus


The American Secretary of State was, Mike Pompeo, Had said to the network "ABC" TV, on Sunday, that there is "Adequate evidence"However, the new Corona virus emerged from a Chinese laboratory, but it did not reject the findings of American intelligence agencies that the virus was not manmade.

He refused Wuhan Institute For state-backed virology, these allegations have been played down by other US officials.

Most experts believe that The virus He grew up in a market for selling animals in Wuhan, moved from animal to human, and then turned into a global pandemic.


Trump told reporters outside the White House upon leaving on a trip to Arizona that the United States would release its report detailing the origin of the virus, without specifying a date.

“We will issue a decisive (report) within a period of time,” Reuters quoted Trump as saying.

Trump initially praised China for its response to the outbreak, but later blamed it heavily, blaming it for the widespread spread of the virus.

He said he had not spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Trump added, “We want them to be transparent. We want to know what happened so that it does not happen again.”

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told ABC television that there was “enough evidence” that the new Corona virus came out of a Chinese laboratory, but he did not reject the findings of US intelligence agencies on That the virus is not manmade.

The state-backed Wuhan Virus Science Institute rejected the allegations and other US officials downplayed them.

Most experts believe that the virus arose in a market for the sale of animals in Wuhan, passed from animal to human and then turned into a global pandemic.


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