Trump accuses China of “killing”


The death toll from corona virus infection in the United States increased to 94,143 as of the time of preparing this report, according to data from the Worldometer website that specializes in monitoring victims of the virus.Likewise, the number of infections increased to 1,578,801, while the number of people recovered exceeded 364,000, while the total virus detection tests reached more than 12 million.
As for the percentage of deaths distributed among the states, New York State ranked first, recording almost a third of the virus deaths across the country.
According to a measure developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, based on nine epidemiological models, the United States is expected to record 113,000 deaths of the “Covid-19” epidemic by June 13 next year. This study, published yesterday, in conjunction with the states’ adoption of several measures to reopen their economies, therefore expects about 22,000 additional Americans to die from the Corona virus within 25 days.
And again, US President Donald Trump attacked today, Wednesday, China, saying that its “inefficiency” in managing the Corona crisis had caused the “killing” of a large number of people in the world. Trump wrote in a tweet: “A fool in China published a statement accusing everyone, with the exception of China, of spreading the epidemic that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people … ! ».
Trump has been stressing for several weeks that the heavy toll of “Covid 19” could have been avoided had China acted responsibly since the virus first appeared in Wuhan.
A week ago, he threatened to cut off all relations with Beijing, and confirmed that he does not wish at this time to talk to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

The “Seven” summit at Camp David
The US President indicated that the G-7 summit could be held in June at Camp David, and not via videoconference as planned due to the Corona outbreak.
Trump said on Twitter: “Now that our nation has started to return to greatness, I intend to reprogram the G-7 summit on almost the same date, but in Camp David the historical place (…) That would be a great symbol for everyone. Things are back to normal! ”

Oil stocks are falling
The US Energy Information Administration said today, Wednesday, that crude stocks in the United States fell last week, which helps to reduce concerns about an oversupply, but gasoline stocks and distillate products rose with the refining rates in refineries.
Crude stocks fell five million barrels in the week ending May 15 to 526.5 million barrels, compared to expectations in a Reuters poll for an increase of 1.2 million barrels.
The administration said that gasoline stocks in the United States rose 2.8 million barrels, compared to expectations for a decrease of 2.1 million barrels. Distillate inventories, which include diesel and heating oil, increased by 3.8 million barrels to 158.8 million barrels, the highest level since March 2017.


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