Treasurer of Al-Ahly reveals the financial position of his club and the fate of Ramadan Sobhi (video)


Treasurer of Al-Ahly reveals the website ...

The reason for the delay in Al-Ahly Stadium.

Source: Mostafa Adel- Iram News

Khaled Al-Dirandali confirmed the club’s treasurer Al-Ahly Egyptian The financial position of the club is strong despite the suffering of the whole world due to the Corona pandemic.

Al-Dirndali said through TV statements that “Al-Ahly club went through a stage similar to the current stage after the cessation of sports activity in 2012 against the background of the Port Said accident, which made us think about planning for the future in case the activity ceased, which made Al-Ahly’s current financial position still solid despite what we face due to the Corona crisis We have developed a first, second and third plan to counter that period. ”

And Al-Dirandali added, “The budget of Al-Ahly club amounted to more than 22 billion pounds thanks to successive boards of directors. Satellite broadcasting and sponsorship. ”

On the Al-Ahly Stadium project, Al-Dirndali said: “The stadium project will remain a great dream for Al-Ahly fans, as there was to be cooperation with the Saudi investor Turki Al-Sheikh regarding the stadium and the Sports City. So far we are still studying this project (the stadium) and no decision has been taken about it.”

The treasurer of Al-Ahly club attributed the reason for the absence of the public from the stands, which makes its financial returns not as strong as can be expected, adding: “Therefore, the move towards Al-Salam stadium came as a temporary solution until the appropriate conditions are available for the start of the Al-Ahly Stadium project.”

On the fate of Ramadan Sobhi with the Red Fort, “Al-Dardanli” said: “We do not have any financial problems in order to purchase the Ramadan Sobhi contract from the English Huddersfield club. We have the financial capabilities that enable us to keep the player, but the decision of the player to remain or not is in the hands of the ball committee, the coach and Personally, I hope Ramadan Sobhi will remain inside the walls of the Red Fort.

Regarding the Egyptian League championship, “Al-Dirndali” said: “I certainly wish for the return of local competitions, especially the Egyptian league, with the application of precautionary measures similar to what happened in Germany; Because the cancellation will negatively affect broadcast and sponsorship contracts this season. ”


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