To space lovers: Space X allows you to experience the docking of the Crew Dragon spacecraft on the International Space Station


If you are a space fan and want to try a Spice X spacecraft, Crew Dragon now you can try it while you are at home, you only need a web browser and some patience.

According to a website TechCrunch SpaceX has launched a web emulator called “iss-sim.spacex” that allows users to dock the spacecraft with the International Space Station using the “physical interface” on which the crew depends.

The user interface for the docking process is surprisingly simple, given that it reflects the actual user interface that astronauts will use aboard Crew Dragon. According to the report, the inputs are simple, and your only goal is to maintain the position of the vehicle, the deviation, and the green-spot values ​​while preparing your approach, and perhaps achieving this goal is difficult, especially since you are driving a ship slowly through microgravity, so you need to adjust your expectations accordingly .

On the front, you’ll find directional arrows on either side, and you can control the direction of the knee, as well as its vertical and horizontal position, and switch between making large or smaller movements in each case. Simple visual feedback in the central targeting network gives you an idea of ​​what each control does, providing you with a relatively easy way to know the control system yourself without much direction. The simple help function lets you know that your main goal is to get all the numbers in the green targeting network, but the basic thing you need to get to dock successfully is patience.

NASA director Jim Pridenstein said that he completed physical simulation on “first attempt” in 2019, although it is easy for him to understand this as a former Air Force pilot.

This is clearly a marketing tool for SpaceX, as it wants to familiarize the audience with the concept of Crew Dragon and ensure a continuous flow of work, and at the same time, shows the progress of the spacecraft’s interfaces over the decades. Instead of the complicated airplane-like controls, astronauts now have the same kind of interface you would expect on a mobile game.

Fuchini as provided by Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz


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