To football fans … the Spanish government announces


Good news for Spanish Liga fans: The return of La Liga matches starting from the eighth of next June after its forced stop due to the outbreak of Corona virus.

The Spanish government announced, on Saturday, that the local football league (LaLiga) will be resumed on the eighth of next June.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez revealed the return of football league competition from the week of June 8, after being suspended for more than two months due to the emerging Corona virus.

Allega clubs resumed earlier this week, group exercises in small groups under strict health procedures, in preparation for the possibility of completing the suspended season since mid-March.

The league’s president, Javier Tipas, has previously expressed hope that competitions will resume without an audience, as of June 12.

And like other sporting events around the world, the Spanish League championship stopped due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which was emerging in Spain, one of the countries most affected by the epidemic.


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