Thus, Yasser Jalal defended the dumps of his brother Ramiz


18 hours ago

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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Egyptian actor Yasser Jalal defended his brother, Ramadan star, Ramz Jalal, after the criticism that he was exposed to, against the background of the dumps program “Ramiz Majnun Official”, which is currently showing in Ramadan.

Yasser said in a press statement: “Ramez is a great artist who works hard and offers successful color programs in the whole world, and he was able to achieve through his dumps programs very popular, so that children admire what he offers, and his popularity is not only in Egypt but in the entire Arab world.” .

Yasser’s remarks came after that The media union in Egypt decidedWednesday, Egyptian actor Ramiz Jalal, 47, was prevented from appearing in any media outlet from within the country, until his legal status as a practitioner of media activity is settled.

In the decision, which was sent to MBC Egypt satellite, the broadcasting rights owner of “Ramez Majnoun Official”, the Media Syndicate stated that its observatory monitored violations (not explained) in the program, along with a statement of a psychiatric hospital (government), and citizens were harmed From the content of the program.

And the hospital confirmed in a statement on Monday, that “the program harms the Egyptian community and its mental health, and it carries a lot of violence, torture, sarcasm, underestimating the guests and enjoying their pain.”


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