Thus, “Xiaomi” responded to the accusation of spying on users


Platform announced Forbes During the past few days, in its report on the researcher, Gabi Kriegl, that Xiaomi phones spy on users, and that it is following all the operations, applications, programs and browsing operations they do.

The report emphasized that the company relies on its technologies to spy on everything that users do on the Internet completely, as the researcher who owns the Redmi Note 8 phone confirmed that the phone follows all the work that it does even if it is within the hidden mode of browsing Incognito mode, Noting that the phone spies on everything it does in open files, programs, applications and internal processes and records it completely, which makes the user of the Xiaomi phone under the company’s control and follow-up all the time and non-stop.

For its part, the company responded to the report by saying that users do not have to worry about this, as it carries out these follow-up processes in order to improve the quality and performance of the services it does and develop it for users.

Xiaomi issued a statement during the past hours stating that it had made an amendment allowing the user to choose his refusal to collect the company for the data in the event that he browsed in the hidden position Incognito mode In other cases, the company will continue to collect data on users regularly.

Source: Plus


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