Three nights for the feast on mtv


                Mona Abu Hamza returns to present an episode about Lebanese and local drama 
    <p>MTV celebrates Eid Al Fitr with three nights in one go. Unlike her colleagues who devote one evening to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, the channel decided to celebrate over three nights, which will start on Sunday and continue until next Tuesday. In this context, Mohammed Qais will appear on Sunday after the evening news bulletin in an interview with Ragheb Alama about the technical and economic situation, as well as about the Corona virus. Next Monday, the Lebanese channel will present an episode of the "Unemployed from Freedom" program called "Chamber 44", which will be presented by Samir Youssef in a different way from the rest of the workshops that revolve around prison issues. The episode is a continuation of a previous episode, on a social issue to be announced. In the evening, Qais will also return to a second evening, and is currently negotiating with the Syrian star Moatasem Al-Nahar to be her guest. As for next Tuesday, Mona Abu Hamza will return after a long period of absence, and she will present a social episode about Lebanese drama, and her guests are the heroes of the series “Sons of Adam” (Rami Koussa, Al-Laith Hajo and directed by "Eagle Films") Maxim Khalil, Magi Boghsen, Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Daniela Rahma and others. The dialogue will be about the situation of Lebanese and Arab drama, and perhaps other Lebanese stars who talk about local projects will be hosted.


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