Three Flamingo players are infected with Corona virus


The club conducted 293 tests for its players, officials and their families between April 30 and May 3.

“For those who have been diagnosed with infection, all are without symptoms, and the measures we have taken are isolation, quarantine, and daily follow-up,” the club said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Flamingo added that players whose family members were infected with the virus will enter quarantine.

Flamingo did not reveal the names of the players whose samples were positive, but the Libertadores Cup champion has the strongest squad in South America and includes players like Gabriel Barbosa, Felipe Luis, Diego Alves and Ravenia.

Georginho, the club’s masseur, died at the age of 68 last week due to the virus.

Flamingo played the last game on March 14 and immediately stopped the Rio State Championship due to the epidemic.

The Football Association of Rio has given clubs permission to start training again, but the match has not yet been decided.

Brazil has recorded 125,218 cases of Covid-19, in addition to 8,536 deaths. 615 people died on Wednesday, the highest daily death toll.


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