This young actor is the nephew of Abed Fahd (photo)


Activists on social media shared a picture that collected the Syrian artist Abed and the son of his sister, the young artist George Kabili, and attracted the attention of a large number of followers.Many comments focused on the degree of similarity between the artist and the young person and many viewers saw them as very large. Others stated that they had not known before that the affinity of the group of artists and that many liked his accolade.

It is noteworthy that Kebili is participating in the series The Magician, which brings him together with his maternal uncle, along with a number of actors, most notably Abed Al-Hadi Sabbagh, Muhammad Hadaaqi, Stephanie Saliba, Fadi Ibrahim, Woodrig Suleiman and Felda Sammour among others.The young actor also appeared in the series “Road” alongside Fahd and the Lebanese artist Nadine Nassib Najim, where he played Melhem.


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