This is a punishment for those who do not place a muzzle in Chad – thought and art – east and west


Chadians, who are not committed to wearing a mask in public, face up to 15 days in prison, according to a government decision signed Sunday.

In a decision issued by the Minister of Defense and Security, Mohamed Salah, and became effective from Sunday, Sunday: “Anyone who does not respect the wearing of a mask will be punished with a fine of 2000 francs, and he may also be imprisoned for up to fifteen days at most.”

The introduction of a mask to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus has been mandatory in Chad since Thursday. On Sunday, a journalist at Agence France-Presse noted that this measure has not been respected yet in the streets of the capital, N’Djamena.

As of Sunday, Chad, the impoverished coastal state, had officially counted 322 HIV infections, including 31 deaths.



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